Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life Philosophy

Encounter something - Something is Awesome - Move toward it - Amendment: Some things are awesome, but approaching to close can be not awesome. Ex: volcanoes, campfires, cool fast moving vehicles, and thunderstorms. – Repeat.
Encounter something - Something is not Awesome - Move away from it - Amendment: Sometimes you have to endure shit that is not awesome. In this case weigh your options. Sudden departure can generate a larger shitstorm with the fortitude to encroach upon future awesome potential. With an eye to the future, choose the path that leads to more awesomeness. – Repeat.

Personal Landmark

I hereby decree the graffitied stonewall on the corner of Canal and Hudson streets a personal landmark. During a difficult, trouble filled, and humorless year this wall was a daily reminder that somewhere in a small corner of this city someone still made the effort and took the risk to celebrate the temporary and ridiculous nature of this life. I felt completely alone in the world, there was so little joy, and humor was hard to find. Thank you Ball Sniff, you helped me through the hard times. You are a poet.

Horror Vacui (romantic version)

Horror Vacui

sample of Mother Ship sailing the cosmic space cloud

Mother Ship

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Job Interview

The first time I saw C. P. was in a job interview. I was applying for an Artist’s Assistant position. When I entered the room everyone was smoking. The artist sat with his coat draped regally over his shoulders, flanked by attractive indy-rocker/hipster boys, and thousands of dollars of Old Holland paint laid out on a table. The boys asked me questions, while the artist observed me.
After a while he spoke “Do you have a problem working with” (he then paused dramatically, took a drag of his cigarette, and completed the sentence while exhaling the smoke) “Sexually Explicit Material?” I said “No” with bored disinterest. Already a weird experience, I couldn’t wait to know where this was going. The artist stood up to hand me a folder of large photographs, and sat back down to continue observing me.
The photos were of nude prepubescent boys. Most of the time the boys were standing, and showering, or just wet. The camera angle was from below, and highlighting the hairless genitals. My job was to turn these into 10- foot by 12-foot paintings.
A month later got a call saying they went with more photorealistic styled painters.

Dream I had about Michelangelo's David sculpture.

The other night I had a dream that I was reading in a newspaper about a hugely successful contemporary artist. He purchased Michelangelo's David from the Italians for an unspeakably large amount of money. He then knocked off David's big toe, and replaced it with a "Barbie like" toe, complete with a blond hair coif. He then reintroduced the sculpture to the world as his own artwork. The people of the world were outraged. I thought it was fucking awesome. Best Artwork Evar.

"Mountain Conquest" light sculpture

"Prelude to Terror" book title painting

"Ride a Pale Horse" book title painting

DeLoreans Fart Rainbows! if you didn't know already...

Gremlin = Gremlin

my name in lights

"Get lost in the Awesome" mural I made for Exit Art Labyrinth Exhibition

Bless This house

This is a flash video I made, I wanted it to be the opening for my updated website